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Project Description
Widgets & Gadgets 'R Us (WGRUS) Learning Platform that enables students to Work with EIP

This project is helping students to Work with the famous “Widgets & Gadgets 'R Us” (WGRUS) example published by Hohpe et al (

The purpose of the project is threefold:
  • The purpose of this project is to provide a platform for students to be able to solve the integrations problems of WGRUS.
  • The purpose of this project is to provide an assignments catalog to help students and teachers to plan the students work into manageable chunks, using Mule as the integration platform.
  • The purpose of this project is to provide a solution to the WGRUS problems using Mule.

The WGRUS platform includes:
  • A Call center (Call Center interface)
  • A Web shop
  • An Accounting system
  • The Supplier Gadget corporation
  • The Supplier Widget corporation

The WGRUS platform is coded in C#, and is depended on .net 4.5
The WGRUS platform uses the Apache ActiveMQ.

The assignment catalog:
  • Contains XSLT assignments (translating data formats - f.x. orders)
  • Contains Adapter assignments (File pickup and direct database access)
  • Contains Endpoint assignments (in the Web Shop system)
  • Contains ... - most of the patterns used in the Hope et al suggested solution.

Solutions notes and Mule flows:
  • Contains design notes for the assignment catalog
  • Contains Mule implementations of the assignments
Suggestion of use:
  • College level teaching in System integration (the project is spawn off from my teaching in System integration at the "Bachelor of Software Development" program).
  • Self learning system integration.
  • Commercial training Mule courses for professionals.

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