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Call Center

Order handling

The Call center supports export of new orders as they are written in xml in the export folder.


By default the call center places new orders in the folder: c:\Temp\WGRUS\PhoneOrder.

The folder location can be changed in the CallCenter.exe.config file in the applicationSettings section:

    <setting name="OrderPath" serializeAs="String">

Sample order file

This is an example of an order:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Navn>Kaj Bromose</Navn>
    <LeveringNavn>Kaj Bromose</LeveringNavn>
    <OrdreReference />
        <VareBeskrivelse>Pepper Qube</VareBeskrivelse>

Customer handling

The Call center does not have any “hooks” to maintain the customers in the Call Center database.

The middelware will have to syncronize customer data directly in the database.

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